Industry advantageEngineering abilitySystemEquipment
Small amount of diverse and medium-scale trial production
- A small amount of diversity means that there are many types of models but the number of orders is small. Even if it is 1, 2 or 5 plates, our company can also manufacture for customers;
- Pilot trial production is 100-5000PCS can also be produced;

Design suggestion
- A professional NPI team can provide design proposals for manufacturability and test design recommendations to customers to improve the maturity of customer product design, increase the efficiency of mass production and reduce manufacturing costs.

Competitive price
- World-class management level, Chinese-style price.

Quick response and timely delivery
- The project task force is set up for all customers to quickly reflect all customer needs;
- Sufficient capacity, 100% on time delivery;

System and System
- Acquired ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification;
- Acquired ISO13485:2016 Medical Device Quality Management System Certification;
- Acquired IECQ QC80000:2012 Hazardous Substance Process Management System Certification;
- Acquired ISO14001:2016 Environmental Management System Certification;
- Acquired IATF16949-2016 Automotive Industry Management System Certification;
- The world's advanced process document processing system (MES system)
- The world's advanced enterprise resource planning system (QAD ERP system)
- Advanced Warehouse Intelligent Management System (WMS System)

Technology and Manufacturing
- Shenzhen IPC Association Corporate Member
- Shenzhen Quality Association Corporate Member
- World-leading SMT surface mount technology
- World-leading SMT patch device configuration
- World-leading SMT process control equipment
- World's Leading Through Hole Technology
- World-leading crimping assembly technology
- World advanced spray coating technology

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