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Overal l  implement ing Lean Six Sigma management,pursuing excel lence,cont inual ly  improving to provide high-qual i ty product and sat isfying service for global customers in time.

Corporate Culture

We provide world-class service experiences built on strong partnerships and our flexible manufacturing capabilities and engineering service.
At EmeraldEMS, we take pride in solving our customer most challenging opportunities. We leverage our large international footprint, while maintaining our regional mindset. By doing so, we provide customer with truly unique solutions.


To be the supplier of choice for customers that value our entrepreneurial spirit
and personalized approach combined with our big company capacity and reliability.

Key Values
Wholehearted customer focus  
Boundaryless and intense collaboration  
Thoughtful ly efficient execution      
Persistently continual improvement    
Relentlessly pursuing perfection

Leadership Traits
Foresight and Sagcity  
Intel l igent and Smart  
Righteous and Upright    
Result Oriented        
Take Responsibi l ity    
Honest and Trustworthy  
Loyal and Rel iable      
Humble and Cautious      
Positive and Aggressive  
Open Minded

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