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发布人:管理员 发布时间:2022-11-24

November is a month of thanksgiving, and the fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving Day, a holiday to express love and gratitude. On November 24, 2022, in order to thank everyone for their hard work and enhance the happiness of employees, the company prepared a Thanksgiving Day themed activity called "Thank you for being with us all the way".


   Tommy Liu, the Vice President of company, cheered all employees at the beginning of the activity, thanking us for our own choice and perseverance, and thanking everyone for our efforts throughout the year. The event site prepared exquisite desserts, fresh fruits and interesting games, everyone was happy to eat and play.


Through this Thanksgiving Day activity, the employees deeply feel that the company always cares about everyone, and at the same time, it also enhances the communication between our colleagues and strengthens the cohesion and sense of belonging of colleagues.We believe we will be better and better in the future!


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