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Grow Up Together, Be Brilliant Together—2021 Award Ceremony

发布人:管理员 发布时间:2022-05-26

Elaborately decorated the office leisure area on April 21th 2022

Celebrated together in different ways

2021 Data ED& Data ED-CN Award Ceremony

Friends gathered together and shared the joy

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At the beginning of the ceremony, our Vice President Tommy Liu gave a speech.

He said, our company Data ED& Data ED-CN has been through many severe tests,

but with the cooperation of each departments we overfulfilled annual target under

the impact of COVID-19, explained what is the “world-class manufacturing” professional service with actual action.

2022 we will face many challenges such as the fierce competition in manufacturing industry,

the recurrence of the pandemic, the rapid development and so on. But in anytime,

challenges and chances are always coexisting,

I believe with the joint efforts of all Data ED& Data ED-CN colleagues,

not only 2022 but also the next 3 to 5 years,

Data ED& Data ED-CN will be sure to get more glorious achievements.

On this special day

Faced our friends with gorgeous performance

A grand award was made, such as Annually Outstanding Employee, Decade Achievement Award,

The Best Creative Lucky-wishing Video Award, Lean Improvement Award,

Outstanding Team Award, President Award


We not only felt the joy for award winners

But also felt the expectations and responsibilities inherent in the awards

The splendid steeds are everywhere

But the Bole who can appreciate the steed is seldom

You and I can be the steeds

Or can be the Bole, too

Congratulation to the following friends

Lean Improvement Award

Lean Improvement Award

Lean Improvement Award

Lean Improvement Award

Decade Achievement Award

Outstanding Team Award

Annually Outstanding Employee

Annually Outstanding Employee

Annually Outstanding Employee

President Award

President Award

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