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About the 2019 Spring Festival latest holiday notice

发布人:管理员 发布时间:2018-11-27

To all employees of the company:

The annual New Year's Day and the Spring Festival are approaching. Combined with the actual situation of the company, the 2019 New Year's Day and Spring Festival holiday arrangements are as follows:

1, New Year's Day

   3 days of New Year's Day holiday in 2019: December 30, 2018 (Sunday), December 31, 2018 (Monday), January 01, 2019 (Tuesday, legal holidays);

   Rehabilitation arrangements: December 29, 2018 (Saturday) and December 31, 2018 (Monday).

2, the Spring Festival

   10 days of Spring Festival holiday in 2019: February 02, 2019 (Saturday) to February 11, 2019 (Monday);

Working hours: February 12, 2019 (Tuesday, the eighth day of the first lunar month);

Let me inform you! Reminder:
1, during the holiday, please Caution!, good safety precautions.
2, please ensure that information channels, in case of emergencies, the emergency handle.
3, above notice, please understand and tell each other.
4, wish you a safe and happy holiday!

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