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July, let love pass

发布人:管理员 发布时间:2018-03-05

On 03 07 2017, the trade union issued a love donation campaign to help an employee with a number of diseases. Vice president and heads of departments under the leadership of donations received strong support from all the staff, we have reached the hands of love. In a short week, the charity donated 8472 yuan to the difficult family. Maybe this number is negligible for the family's high medical expenses, but it carries the heavy care of all the staff of the capital and electricity, and it brings everyone's full of blessing and hope. News reported continuous rainstorms to Hunan and other places suffered floods, trade unions in the capital of Electrical & information, the company once again launched a fund-raising activities, to encounter the flood affected families raising money: 4050 yuan. Cast hope with the truth, the transmission of life with love. We strive to create a large team full of warmth, humanity and excellence. In July, the headquarters of the United States invested 77 thousand yuan to help the company employees seven family is difficult, a little as companies, 7 employees in order to reduce the pressure of life. Believe with love to do business, the more strong the company will do!

Photo of the vice president and the recipient


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