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About the 2018 Spring Festival latest holiday notice

发布人:管理员 发布时间:2018-03-05

To all the staff to ensure that all employees can have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, according to the actual situation of the company to consider the 2018 Spring Festival, the holiday arrangement is as follows: 1, Spring Festival holiday time: February 14, 2018 (Wednesday, the 29th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese Lunar calendar) to February 22nd (Thursday, is the beginning of the seven month holiday) a total of 9 days (Friday, February 23rd that is the beginning of the eight month) all the staff to work properly;
Note: in 2018 February, 2 days less than the annual attendance buckle Hugh, no retirement years is calculated according to the actual attendance; 3, leave factory staff work: Red 02 in 2018 to 13 August (Tuesday, the 28th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) before leaving factory red hair 300 yuan / person; 4, start Red: February 23, 2018 (Friday, January at the beginning of eight), who started to work that day send red envelopes 50 yuan / person and welfare lottery 1 / Zhang; 5, various departments during the holiday work arrangements in advance, thank you for your cooperation!
Let me inform you! Reminder: 1, during the holiday, please Caution!, good safety precautions. 2, please ensure that information channels, in case of emergencies, the emergency handle. 3, above notice, please understand and tell each other. 4, wish you a safe and happy holiday!
                                                                                                                               Ministry of personnel administration

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